About us

Why Keep + Kind?

Keep + Kind was founded on the belief that you can be environmentally friendly without compromising style. This is why our online store showcases contemporary and colourful finds that are also earth-conscious. We aim to provide a site where busy people can buy sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free gifts and accessories: a destination where customers can also learn about the sustainability of their products. It’s for this reason that our products state why they’re Keep + Kind. By offering details on the steps our brands take while creating or manufacturing their products, we hope to help you – our customers – make more informed choices. We’re keen to profile brands that are taking steps to integrate sustainable practices. We also look to promote smaller makers, creators, artisans, producers and artists. It’s a busy consumer world out there, but there’s a growing army of small, independent brands weaving innovative and sustainable practices into their products. Our carefully curated selection gives you access to some of the best.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Keep + Kind HQ, we take active steps to seek out environmentally friendly options for gift wrap, ribbon, gift boxes, packing tape, gift cards and thank you cards. All are recycled and recyclable. We're always open to new ideas, though, so please do get in touch here if you have any suggestions.